Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The World in Dialogue

In a world where wars continue to invade our homes and neighboring countries, refugees and asylum seekers are people we are always going to have around us. There exists a need for us all to be able to live in harmony without xenophobic attacks on refugees, in an effort to address issues in relation to this Art for Humanity initiated ‘Dialogue among Civilizations’.

The project involving the collaboration between artists and poets from Africa and countries that participated in the 2006 Soccer World Cup aim to inspire the viewer with moral ownership of the values associated with art and poetry and to internalize the messages embedded in the collection.

The project presently enjoys the participation of artists such as Amira Wasfy from Egypt, Churchill Madikida and Kim Berman from SA, Melvin Edwards and poet Jayne Cortez from the US as well as William Kelly from Australia.
As the deadline of Oct. 2009 is slowly coming closer enlisting the participation from the Africa continent and elsewhere is now becoming more urgent. The launch of the exhibition is set for 21st March 2010, South Africa’s Human Rights Day and an exciting conference is being planned with the focus on ‘Art, Freedom of Expression, Human Rights and Peace’.

Australia and ‘Dialogue’

It is noteworthy to mention the support that ‘Dialogue’ has been receiving from the Australian High Commission in Pretoria through the continues efforts of Mr. William Blomfield, Third Secretary. The project has been widely publicized in Australia and numerous enquiries regarding potential participation has been received from writers, artists and poets.

This support has prompted AFH to add a special section to the publication/catalogue which will feature the contributions of all of those that might not directly contribute to the portfolio and the exhibitions program. In this instance AFH wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Australian High Commission and in particular to Mr. Blomfield.

It is hoped that the other foreign missions in South Africa would follow suit and in partnership with their colleagues in the Australian High Commission would contribute to the success of the project and ensure a worthwhile contribution to the future cultural heritage of all.

AFH’s projects feature an endorsement campaign which represents an important aspect of our projects as it combines the creative and associated inspirational nature of art with the insight and wisdom of the representatives from the world of human rights advocacy. By endorsing our various initiatives, those individuals and organizations recognize our work as being relevant to their own ideals and objectives.

The Dialogue project has also been endorsed nationally and internationally by high profiled individuals and organizations such as Prof Neil Mitchell, Chair at the University of Aberdeen, Prof Roy du Pré, Vice Chancellor, DUT, Richard Demarco, Artist, Iratxe Momoitio, Director of Guernica Peace Museum, Judge Edwin Cameron, Supreme Court of Appeal, Justice Albie Sachs, Constitutional Court, Breyten Breytenbach Director of the Goree Institute, William Kelly, Artist, Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA), Ms Nomabelu Mvambo-Dandala, Executive Director of Diakonia Council of Churches, Sherylle Delene Dass, Lawyers for Human Rights Refugee and Migrant Rights Project.

Art for Humanity welcomes calls from individuals and organizations who would like to host the Dialogue among Civilisations collection of art and poetry in the year 2010 and beyond.

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